Design & Engineering

At ICS, the key market strategy and objective is to offer the most efficient equipment selection that is both conservatively rated and specifically designed for the application, while considering all process and environmental factors. When the cost of power consumption becomes higher than the capital cost of the equipment (usually for larger fans), we encourage our customers to provide us with more information than just the operating points.

At ICS, we implement this with the use of a range of tools available, including :

  • CFD Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Critical Speed Analysis
  • Model Testing

‘Impact’ Fans’ Design & Engineering capabilities include:

  • Aerodynamic Design of blades to suit any specific industrial application
  • Structural design of blades
  • Mechanical design of Hubs
  • Hand Lay-up, Compression Molding & RTM Processes
  • Aerodynamic performance test of fans
  • In-House design and manufacture of molds
  • Design, Development and Manufacture of custom FRP components