Energy Efficient Axial Flow Fans

‘Impact’ Energy Efficient Fans are designed by utilizing the NACA 23012 aerodynamic profile. The fans’ tapered and twisted airfoil design results in high efficiency. The hollow-blade, seamless designs are custom built and unique for specific duty conditions.
Axial Flow Fans

Energy Efficient Fans
More air with less power means less operating costs. ‘Impact’ Energy Efficient Fans provide 10 – 40% power savings as compared with other metallic / GRP Fans. Installation of ‘Impact’ Fans in newly constructed equipment reduces initial equipment costs along with operational costs.

Light Weight
‘Impact’ Axial Flow Fans are light weight and hollow and allow easy handling and maintenance, resulting in less down time. Furthermore, the life of the gear box, motor and bearings are extended due to a reduction in the moment of inertia.

Axial Flow Fans

FRP construction of ‘Impact’ Fans with an intelligent, seamless lay-up pattern provides resilient, dependable blades with high fatigue strength. Impact blades have stood the test of extreme conditions like cyclones and high wind loads. Our 10 year old blades withstood wind loads of 135 mph winds in Vizag, India without need for replacement even when the surrounding infrastructure had all blown away.Low Noise:’Impact’ fans’ unique airfoil design reduces the operational fan noise level considerably compared to conventional metallic / GRP Fans.

Corrosion & Erosion Resistance
 The Fibreglass Reinforced epoxy or polyester material, makes fan blades immune to corrosion. The fan blades have built-in leading edge protection that prevents erosion from impinging water droplets or other environmental attacks. The hub assemblies are built with materials selected considering specific duty conditions and environment and last for years of trouble free service.


‘Impact’ FRP Fans have a very high strength to weight ratio compared to similar products available due to the intelligent FRP lay-up pattern. Thousands of our fans are working tirelessly worldwide, delivering air efficiently, without the need to replace or repair over the years.

Vibration Free

‘Impact’ Airfoil Fan blades are ‘moment balanced’. Fan hubs are dynamically balanced per ISO standards and Fan assemblies are statically balanced to ensure vibration-free operation for years.

Energy Efficient Airfoil Fan Blades

Advanced Blade Manufacturing

To ensure a higher quality product for our customers, we have adopted a state-of-the-art manufacturing process using advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality standards. ‘Impact’ FRP Fan blades are made very precisely using moulds. Both, casting and extrusion manufacturing processes have expensive tooling and face a challenge in generating blade profiles with high twist and camber characteristics. This has restricted conventional metallic/aluminum fans to retain a low camber in their design. Furthermore, there is a high level of inconsistency in manufacturing tolerances or dimensional stability of the metallic blades causing further deterioration of fan performance. In order to prevent these inconsistencies, ‘Impact’ Fans are manufactured using advanced vacuum infusion technology, enabling uniform weight and wall thickness.

Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP)

Vacuum infusion takes a different approach, in that a vacuum is drawn while the materials are still dry. Resin is then infused using vacuum pressure. Instead of drawing excess resin out, VIP starts with none and infuses resin in. Excess resin, if any, is eventually drawn out in the vacuum line. As a result resin is introduced very precise amounts. Fan blades are manufactured from Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) to achieve the following:

  • Better fibre to resin ratio
  • Lower and more consistent blade weight
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Higher aerodynamic accuracy, consistency and superior surface finish
  • Increased blade strength
  • Maximized fibre and resin properties

‘Impact’ Fans FRP blades are cured using a very efficient drying process. State-of-the-art dynamic balancing techniques and machines are used for proper balancing to ensure that the operation of the fan assembly is vibration free. The moment value of different fan blades is electronically synchronized by the Match Moment machine. Thus perfectly manufactured ‘Impact’ Fans offer trouble-free superior performance, increased efficiency and ease of installation as compared to conventional metallic & GRP fans.