Energy Efficient Axial Flow FRP Fan System

‘Impact’ Fans has specially developed 1200mm, 1400mm & 1600mm diameter Axial Flow FRP Fan Systems comprising of the Hub, FRP Blades, Casing, FRP impellers, inlet bell, inlet & outlet nose spinners and velocity recovery cones for ‘humidifier’ applications under a joint R & D Project with ‘ATIRA’ (Ahmedabad Textile Industry Research Association) & DSIR (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India). These fan systems have provided unparalleled power savings of up to 35% over Aluminum fans of various makes.

FRP fans


‘Impact’ FRP Fans impellers are tested for simulated aerodynamic loads, load deflection characteristics and the strain at the shank.


The hub assembly is statically and dynamically balanced as per ISO standards, to ensure vibration-free operations. ‘Impact’ Fan Impellers and Hubs are designed on ‘worst case scenarios’ which means that they are tested on the worst possible aerodynamic load and on centrifugal loads considering a high ‘factor of safety’.


‘Impact’ Fan blades of axial-flow fans are often attached to the hubs by a system, which allows the pitch angle to be set at any desired value on assembly. This pitch adjustment feature enables the fan to be pre-set for the exact volume flow required, thus eliminating power wastage.


The casing completely encloses the impeller and the motor/driving assembly. ‘Impact’ axial flow fan casings are rolled and flanged from heavy-gauge mild steel.


Other important components of a ‘Impact’ Fan system are Nose Spinner, Outlet Nose Spinner, Inlet Bell Mouths, Outlet Cones. These help provide higher efficiency of operation and therefore substantial energy savings.

Standard Material of Construction

Blades – Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic ( FRP ) using fire retardant Polyester or Epoxy resins.

Hub – Galvanized Double Plate or Aluminum

  • Plates: Hot Dipped Galvanized Mild Steel or Cast Aluminum Alloy LM-6
  • Fasteners: Galvanized Steel / SS-304
  • Blade Holding blocks: Cast Aluminum Alloy LM-6 / Cast Iron FG-200
  • Centre Bush: Cast Iron FG-200

Inlet Bell, Nose Spinner and Outlet Cone – Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic using Polyester or Epoxy Resins