Tube Axial Fan


  1. Available Sizes: 1 ft. to 6 ft.
  2. Number of Blades: 4 to 12
  3. Air Flow: Up to 100,000 CFM
  4. Fan RPM: Up to 1440 RPM
  5. Pressure: 5 to 50 mm of WG

  • Blade airfoil with high lift and low drag
  • Uniform air flow over entire cross section
  • Special leading edge protection
  • Corrosion and Erosion resistant FRP Blades.
  • UV Resistant blades.
  • Blades are moment balanced to ensure interchangeability
  • Ideal blade shapes for standard and low noise Fans.
  • Convenient blade tip angle setting.
  • Individual moulds for each blade size to maintain high efficiency

  • Easy to install light weight Aluminum Alloy ( Grade LM 6) Hubs.
  • Optional MS HDG hubs
  • Hub to suit standard taper lock bushings or custom specified drive shafts.
  • Ease in handling and maintenance

Standard Material of Construction

Blades: Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic Using Polyester or Epoxy Resin


  • Support Plates/ Hub Body: Cast Aluminum Alloy LM -6
  • Fasteners: Galvanized Steel/ SS304
  • Center Bush: Cast Iron FG 200
  • Casing: Mild Steel
  • Motor: Standard high quality motors Or as specified by customer