What we do differently.

The job of a fan is to move air against a certain pressure. There are always multiple fan profiles of a particular fan diameter that can get a job done. However, only one fan profile can do the job most efficiently. For FRP fans, aerodynamic fan profiles are made from molds through a hand lay-up processes. Each profile requires a separate mold and making new molds costs money and time. Therefore, fan manufacturers generally have a maximum of 2 molds per fan diameter. In layman terms this means that, for a particular fan size, the blades come in a maximum of 2 different shapes. This holds true for all fan manufacturers.

Except us.

Impact does a thorough analysis of every problem statement and always gives the most effective air-movement solution. Even if that means bearing the brunt of an added cost and making a new mold profile. Our decision to do so stems from our core business philosophy. We are our product. And our product is a tool to save energy and money for our customers. Our revenue and/or profits might give us joy but what really gets us out of bed in the morning is our 99% customer satisfaction rate.

Welcome to Impact Cooling Solutions. We are confident we can satisfy your air movement needs.

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