Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

A Heat Exchanger is a device built for heat transfer from one fluid to another, whether the fluids are separated by a solid wall so that they never mix, or the fluids are in direct contact. Air cooled heat exchanger fans & Air cooled condenser fans are used to generate the air that transfers this heat, hence fans are an essential part of heat exchangers. It is very important to select a suitable fan according to the application of the heat exchanger and ICS has developed a range of ACC fans particularly for heat exchanger application.

  • Available Sizes: 2 ft. to 6 ft.
  • Number of Blades : Up to 12
  • Static Pressure : Up to 2 Inches of WG
  • Air Flow : Up to 3,000,000 CFM
  • Fan RPM : Up to 1440
  • Operating Temperature Range: – 40ºF to 248ºF.

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Features & Benefits



  • Blade airfoil with high lift and low drag.
  • Uniform air flow over entire blade length.
  • Special leading edge protection.
  • Corrosion and Erosion resistant FRP Blades.
  • UV Resistant blades.
  • Blades are moment balanced to ensure inter-changeability.
  • Ideal blade shapes for standard and low noise Fans.
  • Convenient blade tip angle setting.
  • Individual moulds for each blade size to maintain high efficiency.


Seal Disk:

  • One Piece Statically Balanced.
  • Segmented available for ease in handling and transportation.
  • Each segment is moment balanced
  • Prevents swirl.
  • UV resistant.



Easy to install, handle and maintain

  • Hot dip galvanized double plated.
  • Hubs are dynamically balanced to ISO – 1940 Grade 6.3
  • Compatible with most standard taper lock bushings and custom specified drive shafts.
  • Optional welded hubs to reduce initial cost.


Standard Material of Construction

Blades :
Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic using fire retardant resins.

Hub :
Plates : Hot Dipped Galvanised Mild Steel.
Fasteners : Galvanized Steel / SS-304.
Blade Holding blocks : Cast Aluminum Alloy LM-6 / Cast Iron FG-200.
Center Bush : Cast Iron FG-200
Seal Disk: Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic