FRP Fan Stacks & Rings

‘Impact’ FRP Fan Stacks have a unique lightweight single wall construction and are designed to match ‘Impact’ Fans or Cooling Tower & Air Cooled Condenser fans of any other make.stake

  • Extremely stiff construction reduces transmission of vibrations to structure
  • Segments can easily and quickly be assembled on site
  • Lightweight of segments allows ease of handling
  • Inlet bell shape makes fan performance ideal

Standard Features
  • Sizes Available: 6 ft. to 40 ft. in diameter
  • Heights Available: Up to 18 feet (5400 mm)
  • Operating temperature range: –4ºF to + 149ºF
  • Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel fasteners

‘Impact’ Fan Stacks have been designed for the superior thermal efficiency as well as strength. The parabolic shape enables high velocity recovery, resulting in maximizing static efficiency and reducing power cost.